Hire Zohosquares and let us help you manage all your HR functions with Zoho People

HR tasks involve a lot of administrative work, which can be well taken care of with cloud-based HR software like Zoho People. With software like these, HR executives get rid of mundane spreadsheets or rigid systems and are able to manage tasks more efficiently. From tracking attendance and scheduling shifts to tracking off-days and converting time to timesheets, Zoho People lets you do everything with an ease. In fact, it not only simplifies HR tasks but also helps employees. For instance, it comes with Self Service Portal, which allows employees to enter and modify their HR data without waiting for manager’s approval.

At Zohosquares, our team ensures that all features of Zoho People are well implemented by the organisation opting for it. We will manage its integrations as per your requirements and see that it suits well to your business needs. So get it today for your employees and HR executives.