Get Zoho DataPrep and hire Zohosquares consultants for cleansed, transformed and enriched data

When you have the requisite data, you can make more informed decisions. Zoho’s DataPrep helps prepare data from multiple sources; it can connect to a variety of sources such as files, feeds, REST APIs and more. Not just this, but you can also transform and enrich data with sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, language detection and more. It lets you make your data error free by enabling modification, allowing you to disable or remove any transform at any point of time. You can also use it to manage datasets by categories, custom tags, data readiness and more.

At Zohosquares, we can help empower your business with self-service data preparation. Our consultants will ensure that you have access to high quality data using DataPrep while also guiding you with transformation, cleansing and formatting of data for analytics. We will also assist you with migration of data between different business apps. Hire us today and let us set up automated end-to-end data pipeline for your business.