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Dataholics: Solution for outdated, incorrect or missing data in Zoho CRM

12.10.22 02:23 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

In today’s time when digital is the way to do everything, data holds utmost importance. Every decision taken by the organization is based on the data it holds. Data not only helps in understanding the market, customer satisfaction rate but also lets you analyze the performance of employee as well as...

ZeptoMail: A Transactional Email Service by Zoho Mail

07.09.22 08:39 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

A business can be scaled up with a well-functioning and reliable transactional email service. It improves relationships with customers with personalised interaction and delivers quality information.Zepto is the shortest known unit of time and based on that concept, Zeptomail is also known for delive...

Zoho Sign + HubSpot: A combination to consider for closing deals faster

26.08.22 02:26 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

A lot goes into sales work, from substantial amount of paperwork which includes tasks like printing, scanning and mailing documents to customer interaction. In fact, there are a few typical paper works which if go wrong can cause big troubles. For instance, acquiring manual signatures across varipus...

Read To Know How Your Business Can Go Passwordless in 2022?

18.08.22 05:04 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

In today’s digital era, a lot of things happen online, more so after the pandemic hit the world. Because of things moving online, there came the need for passwords which have now become universally accepted authentication mechanisms. However, it’s been noticed that weak and stolen passwords are the ...

Automate Your Business Workflows With Zoho Integration

29.07.22 05:14 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

Zoho CRM has been gaining immense popularity for its ability to integrate with third party applications thus helping businesses succeed. Its integration is one of its powerful aspect. From finance and communication to sales and marketing, Zoho CRM offers perfect ecosystem to businesses to enhance th...