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Zoho Analytics: Modern BI & Analytics platform for end-to-end Marketing Analysis

16.09.22 08:54 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

When you know what your customer wants, it’s easier to sale out your products/services. And in today’s digital economy, companies and marketers no longer need to guess consumer behavior patterns, all they need to do is opt for marketing analytics. With marketing analytics, you can study and analyze ...

Automate Your Business Workflows With Zoho Integration

29.07.22 05:14 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

Zoho CRM has been gaining immense popularity for its ability to integrate with third party applications thus helping businesses succeed. Its integration is one of its powerful aspect. From finance and communication to sales and marketing, Zoho CRM offers perfect ecosystem to businesses to enhance th...

Zoho Marketing Plus: New Unified Marketing Platform For Improved Customer Experience

16.05.22 01:26 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

In this digital era where business and market are evolving at a good pace, not keeping up with the trend can give a lag to your business or your marketing campaign. Being a marketer, you need to cope with a lot of stuff, and that's why it becomes extremely difficult to manage multiple campaigns, cha...