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Zoho Pricing Plans: Complete Guide for Zoho Subscriptions 2022

28.09.22 08:38 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

Zoho is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution providers, which is used to improve platform efficiency by a margin. Choosing a CRM for your business can be challenging, so if you are wondering which to choose, the answer is Zoho. The competitive pricing and customer support ...

Zoho Apps for the HR department

17.01.22 08:00 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

The human resource department plays a vital role in any organization but its value of it was realized more than ever before after the pandemic hit. HR department helps keep the organization working seamlessly. But during the COVID situation, their work became all the more difficult and they needed t...

Ways to increase remote team’s productivity

23.09.21 08:48 PM By Omkar S. Rathore - Comment(s)

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we had been living our lives. One of its biggest impacts is on the global business environment where everything turned upside down with the entire workforce going on a work from home. Remote work proved like a challenge as neither the organizations nor the em...