Zoho People: Prominent features and enhancements that were added recently

Omkar S. Rathore
04.02.22 09:18 PM Comment(s)

From managing administrative tasks and attendance to employee training, the HR department has a lot many things to take care of. With many employees working remotely, managing these tasks becomes all the more difficult, especially if things are done manually. This is why implementing HR software makes things seamless. 

Zoho People, HR software by Zoho is one such tool that is designed to help HR professionals focus more on improving employee experience, enhancing succession planning and organizing training programs. While Zoho People was already a great hit, now Zoho has added a few more amazing features to its tool to help customers take HR management to another level. Here are the new changes in Zoho People that went live a few months ago:  
  • Zoho recently added Zoho People Kiosk, a smart facial recognition app. The app is error-free onsite attendance management that can be installed and set up at your office’s front desk in just a few steps.
  • Zoho people come with powerful Analytics and Advanced Analytics modules; organizations leave application data that can be fetched from these modules and be used to create custom reports.
  • HRs are always on the lookout to offer the best environment for learning and Zoho is just apt for it. HRs can use Zoho People’s LMS and create a more visually engaging virtual learning environment.
  • Besides the HR, even your employees can use the Zoho People to view ratings and reviews received from their reviewers when the self-review option is not enabled.

So what are you waiting for? Get Zoho People and streamline your HR process like never before. Dotsquares, an authorized Zoho partner and a global  Zoho consulting firm can elevate the productivity of your business across all verticals.