Zoho Meeting introduces Whiteboard feature

Omkar S. Rathore
08.06.22 08:01 PM Comment(s)

They say there’s nothing like real-time collaborations but Zoho has changed this perception by introducing a whiteboard feature in Zoho Meeting. Ever since the world adopted a remote work culture, one thing that all corporates longed for was collaborations that happened in offline sessions. So, to have the same feel as the real-time meetings, you must try Zoho’s Meeting as its whiteboard feature comes packed with:
  1. Text & text styles
Using this feature, you can enter text of your choice and style it with different fonts, colours and alignments. Not just this, but you can also insert bulleted lists, and numbered lists and use a highlighter to jot down important points and key takeaways.
  1. Shape recognition
Not everyone is good at drawing perfect shapes and thinking about the same Zoho embedded a feature in the whiteboard that lets it recognize rough sketches and convert them into perfect shapes. With this feature, it takes less time for participants to make a point during meetings.
  1. Insert images
Adding and uploading images becomes all the easier with a whiteboard; all you have to do is click and pictures will get uploaded and you can then have discussions and collaborations over images and how to make them better.
  1. Download whiteboard
Zoho Meeting also lets you keep a copy of your whiteboard meeting by allowing you to download it as an image file during or after the meeting. 

What can you do with the Zoho Meeting whiteboard?


Much like in traditional teaching methods where everything is taught on board, Zoho also allows the setting up of a classroom where things can be virtually taught on the whiteboard. Teachers can use flowcharts to explain complex concepts and can also jot down summaries to ease the overall teaching process.

Business collaboration

Since meetings on the whiteboard are made visible to everyone, this feature can be used to engage all participants. Businesses can use it as a tool for stakeholder engagement and enter to-do tasks and prepare flowcharts to complete complex tasks and do much more with one common whiteboard. So these are some of the amazing features of Zoho Meeting’s whiteboard. You can use these and engage stakeholders. 

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