Zoho Marketing Plus: New Unified Marketing Platform For Improved Customer Experience

Omkar S. Rathore
16.05.22 01:26 PM Comment(s)

In this digital era where business and market are evolving at a good pace, not keeping up with the trend can give a lag to your business or your marketing campaign. Being a marketer, you need to cope with a lot of stuff, and that's why it becomes extremely difficult to manage multiple campaigns, channels, customer profiles, data and ROI.All this leads to an unsuccessful social campaign or less revenue. Thus to Cope, with such a growing challenge, Zoho has introduced Zoho Marketing Plus, which enables collaboration and combines marketing efforts across various aspects of a campaign. 

A brief about Zoho marketing plus

Zoho Marketing Plus brings together marketing activities that include campaign ideation, creation, execution, management, and measurement for improved collaboration and results. The new marketing platform increases the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies by giving marketing leaders a deeper understanding of customer preferences, thus building continuous and consistent customer experiences and delivering more personalised customer journeys.

What companies can do with Zoho marketing plus?

It helps to improve ROI and converts leads to recurring customers. Zoho Service Provider helps attract visitors to the website, turn anonymous visitors into leads, convert leads into loyal customers and retain them longer.Here are some Key Highlights of Zoho Marketing Plus:
  • Keep teams aligned by granting access to the right marketer, enabling seamless collaboration.
  • Optimise multi-channel marketing efforts with support for email, SMS, webinars, events, surveys, social media and presentations.
  • Manage campaigns more effectively by creating activities, assigning task ownership, tracking progress and collaborating in real-time.
  • Store and share marketing collateral with centralised file management. Marketing collateral such as presentations, documents, pricing sheets, whitepapers and PDFs can be stored in one place.
  • Measure marketing success with powerful insights. By combining data from across marketing operations, teams can see at a glance what channels, campaigns and messaging have the best impact.
  • Automate marketing operations by building customer multi-channel marketing journeys that engage each lead and customer.
  • Access everything in one place. Instead of switching between products, tabs, accounts and user experience, Marketing Plus users can access their marketing efforts on a single screen.
  1. Here, you can create your marketing project, visualise the timeline, create activities, and analyse website behaviour and social media interactions. You can also initiate discussions with team members and manage all the resources for the project, such as documents, videos, presentations, and spreadsheets. 
  2. Increases the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies by giving marketing leaders a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviours to deliver dynamic, high-value customer experiences that drive brand affinity and customer happiness.
  3. The platform synchronises engagement data through automation and business intelligence to help marketing teams better understand customers, make more informed decisions, and ultimately drive better results, growth, and revenue.
  4. It maximises productivity and teamwork, By eliminating redundancies and confusion, allowing marketers to stay agile and collaborative amid evolving customer needs. When operations don't bog down marketers, they can deliver creative campaigns that promote meaningful relationships between the brand and customers.

Benefits it drives to your marketing campaigns

1) Better management of marketing campaigns
A successful market campaign results from the proper execution of many steps, such as sending an email campaign, creating a social media post, sending a survey, hosting a webinar, etc. Zoho marketing plus allows you to manage all these tasks from a single place.
2) Grow, reach, and engage with your audience through email marketing Campaigns. Marketing Plus lets you create and manage your mailing list by importing it either as a spreadsheet or from your CRM.  
3) Manage social media marketing across channels 
A strong social presence helps you engage with customers around the globe, increase brand awareness, and boost lead generation and sales.Social with Marketing Plus lets you create and share content, monitor how posts are doing, collaborate with your team, and analyse your brand's performance on social media.You can link your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube accounts and manage them from Marketing Plus.
4) Create a personalised website experience 
Understanding how visitors behave on your marketing websites is crucial for improving website quality and creating a user-friendly experience for your online audience. PageSense in Marketing Plus is designed to help you create personalised website journeys for your visitors based on what they came looking for on your website. It lets you track your conversion funnel, analyse visitors' behaviour on your website, optimise the design, personalise the experience for your visitors, and engage with them effectively to boost the conversion rate.
5) Manage virtual meetings and webinars
Working remotely means frequent web meetings. Webinar in Marketing Plus is a web conferencing function that helps you host secured web meetings and presentations with your team members and host webinars on your products for your customers.It lets the host present a video or share their screen with the webinar attendees. They don't have to install any software to join the webinar. And if they miss it, the webinar recording can be shared via email.You can also engage with them through polls or by answering questions either in private or visible to everyone. Attendees can also virtually raise their hands and voice their opinions. You can also generate various reports on your webinars to analyse their performance and follow up with the attendees.
6) Gather feedback from customers via surveys
By the end of every marketing event, it's important to assess how your event performed and what your customers have to say about you. Marketing Plus lets you craft a survey to reach out to the audience and analyse the responses collected. A range of themes is available for you to design the survey exactly how you want. You can also invite teammates to edit your surveys and share reports based on your responses.
7) Conduct marketing events
Engaging with prospects and customers either virtually or face-to-face at conferences, trade shows, and seminars is an opportunity to create positive associations about your brand. Backstage in Marketing Plus lets you streamline all the event activities before, during, and after. It lets you explain all the information about the event, specify the schedule, curate a list of speakers, manage sponsors and tickets, and design a website for the event which attendees can use to find all the information and purchase tickets. 
8)Gives a better analysis of your marketing campaigns
As a business, we all understand how important it is to analyse the marketing campaigns as it helps to properly:
  • Know how much your work is converting into actual sales.
  • Take the necessary actions, which finally led to the campaign's success. 
Analytics lets you analyse how your website is performing and the number of visitors the site has. This is shown by creating dashboards with data on the amount of time spent on the website and which sections of the website get maximum engagement.

What's our say on the unified platform?

Zoho Marketing Plus has much to offer for businesses of any size, and we see this as pretty much a no-brainer – and every reason for folks who haven't yet explored zoho crm integration to dive in and get started. There is what not it has to offer for its clients. 

It facilitates planning, content creation and collaboration, document management and accessibility, is easily extensible across any organisation's marketing stack, personalised engagement, 24*7 customer support, and provides a whole set of data at the fingertips.Still, if you are left with some questions or wonder how to use it in growing your business, you can get in touch with our Zoho Certified Developers