Zoho Apps for the HR department

Omkar S. Rathore
17.01.22 08:00 PM Comment(s)

The human resource department plays a vital role in any organization but its value of it was realized more than ever before after the pandemic hit. HR department helps keep the organization working seamlessly. But during the COVID situation, their work became all the more difficult and they needed tools that could help them work efficiently. Here, we have listed such tools from the 10Zoho suite:

Zoho Recruit

The Work of an HR executive seems easy while it is not; as per the latest survey, HR conducts more than 2 dozen interviews to fill in one post. When none matches the criteria, HR has to restart the process. Now think of the frustration the entire process causes. Zoho Recruit is one of the best solutions to overcome this issue. All you need to do is activate the automated workflow for the recruitment process and the rest will be taken care of by the AI. AI will do everything, from analyzing the resume to asking for relevant information, and sorting applicants on the basis of skills and expertise.

Zoho People

The role of HR doesn’t end at hiring people but it also includes retaining them. Zoho People ensures maximum employee experience is delivered to employees. It comes with multiple talent feedback and appraisal features. It helps both employees as well as HR executives by helping them in employee case management and efficient leave management.

Zoho Connect

After the onset of the pandemic when most of the work was done remotely, it became difficult for the HRs to keep people connected. Zoho Connect acts as a perfect collaborative space for things like town hall discussions thus encouraging the employees to freely share their opinion. In other words, businesses can use it as a core communication tool too.

Zoho Shifts

Much like other features, this one too is for employees as well as for HR executives. While employees can use it to manage their shifts and trade tasks, HRs can use it in simplifying operations like employee scheduling and checking employee availability.

Zoho Back to work

In today’s time when offices are operating in the hybrid model, Zoho Suite’s back to work app is something that supports hybrid work initiatives. It is designed to remain compliant with SOP guidelines for which it offers a QR code scanning feature that makes attendance, check-in, and check-out agile. We don’t know what the future holds for us in terms of COVID-19, but what we know for sure is the fact that we have the right tools to face all the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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