Ways to increase remote team’s productivity

Omkar S. Rathore
23.09.21 08:48 PM Comment(s)

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we had been living our lives. One of its biggest impacts is on the global business environment where everything turned upside down with the entire workforce going on a work from home. Remote work proved like a challenge as neither the organizations nor the employees were prepared for it. Besides, it also took a toll on the productivity of the employees. Looking at the current situation of remote work, we have shortlisted a few points that can help improve the productivity of the remote employees:  

Set a working schedule

First things first; encourage your employees to have a proper work schedule. When employees don’t schedule their work, they may tend to waste time and energy. On the contrary, if they plan and work, they work better and achieve their goals within deadlines. Scheduling the work is also important for staying focused and remaining productive.  

Communicate internally

One of the downsides of remote working is not having water cooler conversations. Water cooler talks not just help bring people together but it also promotes a healthy work environment. From discussing work to personal stuff, people talk about everything in their water cooler chat. While nothing can really replace these chats, offering proper communication channels can go a long way in promoting team bonding. Organizations should provide the employees with a transparent line of communication where they can stay connected, ask anything without having to depend on calls and emails.  

Make video calls a regular practice

Believe it or not, but daily physical interaction among employees impacts their productivity positively. The best way to virtually feel the physical presence is via video calls. Organizations can opt for video conferencing tools where the employees can see each other while also being able to share their screens with their peers; this helps have better collaboration and less confusion.  

Use the HR software for great results

With cloud-based HR software, one will not have to worry about petty tasks as everything will be taken care of by the HR software. With this software, HR executives can view employee information across all departments, approve/reject leave requests, keep track of employees’ time off and do so much more. It not just simplifies and automates the tasks for the HR executives but also lets the employees find all necessary HR information in a single place.  

Prevent employees from overworking

Allocating multiple tasks or setting unrealistic deadlines can cause severe burnout, emotional and physical exhaustion. While working remotely is already too much for employees, the organizations must make it a point to put in efforts in offering a platform where the workload can be equally divided among employees, hence saving any individual from overworking. Also, the platform that the company offers must come with a feedback feature to fetch feedbacks from employees; this allows managers to know the concerns of the employees. The above points highlight the need for an online platform that can help make remote work easy. One such platform is Zoho CRM. With Zoho CRM, one can gather feedback, review performance, automate a lot of processes and do much more. In other words, remote work becomes easier and yields better results when you have access to the right platform. Adapting to an efficient platform can help your employees perform well and thus drive success for your business.  

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