How tools in Zoho Suite can help optimize your HR operations?

Omkar S. Rathore
09.01.23 09:07 AM Comment(s)

Sometimes it becomes difficult for big organisations to manage their workforce and operations related to them seamlessly. This is where comes the role of human resources software; these software can help simplify the HR operations. Be it a small business or a multi-national company, every organisation can benefit from such software.

But not all software are equally good and here, we have written a few features which you must see before you zero-in on any software:

  • Onboarding 

This is a must have thing. You must get a software that can help with onboarding of staff. In other words, prefer a software that can assist in completing onboarding online with features like document repository, e-signature and onboarding checklists.

  • Time and attendance 

Get a software with which your employees can mark their attendance online while also recording the time spent doing different projects and being able to apply for leave.

  • Performance management 

You must ensure that the software you choose is capable of keeping a track of employee goals, KRAs, skills and competencies. The tool should also allow HR admins to run appraisal cycles and exchange feedback with employees.

  • Payroll Integration

Payroll integration would require inputs like time and attendance to calculate the pay accordingly. Get a software that allows for such integration and also lets you automate end-to-end payroll processing.

  • Employee self-service portal

The software should let the employees complete their everyday HR operations, like applying for leave, marking attendance, updating their attendance and managing approvals.

  • Real-time reporting

The software should let the organsations know the “Whys” of employees. For instance, why the employee is leaving or why is the employee absent or how are the projects performing.

Zoho suite has multiple tools to make HR processes easy. These set of tools can do above mentioned and and much more. Try Zoho’s cloud based HR software and make the HR processes of your organization seamless. If you are looking for a company that can help simplify your HR operations using Zoho Suite, come to us at Zohosquares.

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