How to choose the right Zoho app or module for your marketing campaign?

Omkar S. Rathore
19.10.22 01:46 PM Comment(s)
Everyone wants their business to be a big success and those who have opted for Zoho are no different. When it is to using Zoho for marketing your product, you may go wrong as Zoho comes with a plethora of options to choose from, namely Zoho CRM Campaigns, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation. Each of these tools comes with its own strengths and here we have talked about all:

Zoho CRM Campaigns

This feature is responsible for introducing marketing automation into your Zoho CRM. With this, you can track how your sales and marketing campaigns are performing. It enables you to have a look at the number of deals, sales or orders generated from any campaign. In other words, this module is about marketing attribution and Zoho gives 6 algorithm modules to choose from: First touch, last touch, U shape, W shape, linear, and time decay.

Zoho Campaigns

The Zoho Campaigns app is an answer to bulk email sending. It is an email service provider (ESP) created with the aim to help businesses send emails at scale, legally. Besides offering you the standard email builder feature, Zoho Campaigns also provides you with the option of creating new campaigns in Zoho CRM Campaigns simultaneously. To do this, you need to: • Click the “Advanced Options” inside your Zoho Campaign • Search for the toggle labelled ‘create a campaign in Zoho CRM’ • Toggle it to the ‘on’ position and save your changes Now, when you will log back into your Zoho CRM Campaigns, you will see your email or social campaign in your list.

Zoho Marketing Automation

This feature lets you manage your marketing activities across multiple channels. You can run tailored campaigns on the medium of your choice, be it email, social media or SMS. Marketing Automation adds autoresponder campaign types including: • Sign-up • Date-field • Closed group • Calendar • Email-action • Smart Series • Lead Nurturing • Cyclic

Which tool is perfect for you?

Now that you know about the differences between Zoho CRM Campaigns, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Marketing Automation, you should know when to use which one:
  1. Use Zoho CRM Campaigns to measure the campaign performance. Having said this, you must build your campaigns in Zoho Campaigns instead, where possible.
  2. When you want to automate email, social and SMS campaigns without compromising deliverability, go for Zoho Campaigns.
  3. In case you need more complex autoresponders than what Zoho Campaigns can offer, use Zoho Marketing Automation.
If you still have queries regarding which Zoho tool to use for marketing, reach out to the team at Zohosquares. We will be happy to help you.