Dataholics: Solution for outdated, incorrect or missing data in Zoho CRM

Omkar S. Rathore
12.10.22 02:23 PM Comment(s)

In today’s time when digital is the way to do everything, data holds utmost importance. Every decision taken by the organization is based on the data it holds. Data not only helps in understanding the market, customer satisfaction rate but also lets you analyze the performance of employee as well as the business model being followed. In other words, it helps you establish benchmarks and set performance goals. 
What if the data is misleading?
It is a fact that data is important but what is equally important is that bad data in a CRM system can rather be troublesome. Bad data can cause many problems. For instance, if employees are asked to fill in their daily tasks along with the time spent on each but they instead leave the fields blank in order to save the effort and time. This will lead to missing or incorrect data in the CRM which will further set wrong benchmarks for the future. 
How Dataholics for Zoho CRM can help?
Dataholics is an automated solution that doesn’t require manual effort for turning outdated, incorrect or missing Zoho CRM data into current, accurate and reliable data. With Dataholics, your entire Zoho CRM data is checked and cleaned regularly; you get good quality refined data. Dataholics searches the entire internet and gathers data from multiple sources to feed in the CRM records. The information fed includes:
  • International street addresses
  • Email contact details
  • Company insights for all of your contacts
With these fields being filled automatically, busy professionals no longer have to invest time in filling their CRM records manually and keeping it up-to-date. 

Benefits of Dataholics:
  • Cleanse your bad data – Dataholics replaces the incorrect data entered in CRM with correct information.
  • Updating missing fields – In case of missed entry, Dataholics fills the empty fields with correct data.
  • Boost sales – When customers are given the right information, they get proper insight about the product which in-turn help boost the sales.
  • Level up customer service – With the right data fed into the system, account managers are able to offer better services to the clients.

All in all, Dataholics is a solution that will keep your Zoho CRM system in the best form by removing missing, out-of-date, and incorrect data without any need to do the research and data entry manually.