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Why Zohosquares ?

With Zoho, it becomes easy to manage all business processes from one single platform. As Zoho certified developers, we offer the best development solutions to ensure that your business operations functions in a cost-efficient manner. Our highly skilled developers can offer customized solutions across different verticals.


CRM Certified


Creator Certified

What we offer?

Optimize and fine-tune your business processes with as at Zohosquares. We can help enhance and expand your business by customizing your current system, integrating third party apps and automating multiple processes.


Our team of developers will assess your existing business processes and will come up with a solution that helps unifies all processes such that these yield maximize benefit and save costs.


We will analyze the existing setups and see which complex cloud solutions can be implemented across Zoho seamlessly.


Whether you want to migrate to Zoho, integrate other apps with Zoho or simply want to connect all divisions of a business to one platform, we can help.


Our experts can help integrate Zoho with other third-party applications such that everything can be managed from a single platform.

Data migration

Our experts are skilled to help migrate to new system which is sometimes a complex as well as time consuming task.



Who should opt for Zoho CRM?

Since its inception in 2005, Zoho has been focused in providing the best-in-class features to small and midsize businesses. Having said this, it has also helped large organizations like JetHub which is a worldwide charter service that offers flights to over 7,000 airports in the USA and abroad.

Why choose Zoho Platform for building applications?
  • Zoho CRM offers one of the most reliable infrastructure for building applications.
  • With Zoho, you get free access to marketplace and so, you can easily sell your applications.
  • Mobile solution for all application is available.
Does Zoho Platform offer a mobile version?

Yes. All applications built in Zoho are available in both iOS and Android.

What can Zoho integrate with?

Zoho comes equipped with Zoho Developer console, which allows its integrations with almost any third-party application. In other words, you can integrate Zoho with the best business applications for anything, be it for marketing, telephony, messaging or customer support.

Whom does Zohosquares provide Zoho service and solutions?

Zohosquares have been offering their services to the leading businesses, startups, organizations and entrepreneurs.

What our clients say?